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Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter is Crochet Time

 I like to have crafts to keep my hands busy of an evening while watching TV. I finally finished a couple of things recently. The pillowcase was handmade, and decorated with crocheted edging. I have been making some crochet doilies from patterns from Hardy Crochet. These patterns are very inexpensive, and very easy to follow. However, I have been wanting to do a table runner with a fabric insert. I do believe they sell some patterns for these and also the inserts, but I didn't want to go to that expense. I took a piece of inexpensive white fabric, and hemmed the edges. Then with a crochet hook (these small ones have a fairly sharp point) I single crocheted loosely around the hems on the edge. I have seen comments on other sites where there is also a cutting tool, that when rolled down fabric will punch even holes along the edge. I only had a pattern handy for an edging but needed to be able to work corners to go around all edges. So, as my usual crafty self, I fudged the corners of the edging pattern as I went. Its not perfect, and if one looked real close you could see where I didnt have the pattern worked out real even. But overall I am pleased. If I do another, I will make the hems narrower as well. These were about 1/4" hems.


  1. Oh, what beautiful edgings. I have not crocheted for years. I think I burnt out on it after making things all those years. You do a very wonderful job at it. Just lovely.

  2. Thank you for such a sweet compliment.

  3. Tammy, what a beautiful job, you are very talented.

  4. Thanks a lot Deborah. I enjoy crafty sorts of things.Especially trying something new.