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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Making Plans For The 2013 Garden

        Well, I have been itching to get back into the garden again.......already. It did so poorly last year due to the drought conditions. I have started researching the seeds I want for next years garden. On this page I am going to keep track of what I am planning on growing next year to help me remember what I want to keep growing from year to year, and to track performance. Thats the only way I can keep notes and not lose them,lol.
        I recently found Osborne Seed company and made the following purchase:
1. Pole Bean, Stringless Blue Lake S7
2. Pole Bean, Fortex   I cant wait to try this one, I have read lots of great comments and high praise from  those growing them in the forums
Fortex bean courtesy of Osborne Seed

3. Bush Bean, Lewis    Last yr I grew a late planting of bush bean Jade. It did very well, and tasted very
        good. It was a thin mild tasting bean. I still may purchase them again, but wanted to try some others.

These seeds I already have, I dont know which or how many of these I will start  yet.
1. Ananas Noir
2. Campbell's seeds
3. Burpee Big Boy
4. Beefsteak
5. Early Girl
6. Ladybug
7. Isis Candy
8. Mortgage Lifter
9. Black Krim
10. Brandywine
11. Black Plum
12. Sungold Cherry
13. Big Sungold Select
14. Giant Belgium
15. Caspian Pink
16. Heirloom Chianti Rose
17. Big Beef
18. Marvel Stripe
19. Green Zebra
20. Pineapple
21. Beefy Boy
22. Parks Whopper
Tomato Brandywine Red courtesy of Osborne Seed

Those I am considering ordering:
1. Kelloggs breakfast
2. Ultimate Opener
3. Country Taste
4. Opalka....can't wait to try this herloom paste with all the rave reviews
5. Marianna's Peace
6. Omar's Lebanese
7. Stupice

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