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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wintersowing for 2011

   It is such a warm beautiful day outside today ( a warm 65°) , I decided to get started on a little wintersowing. I am much later than last yr. But this yr I have no intentions of sowing over 200 containers either. I want to see how things filled out from last year. With perennials they frequently dont show their true glory until yr 2 or 3. Mostly what I sowed today are the fantastic seeds sent to me from Renee's Garden about a month ago (see link in side bar). I participated in a group grow last yr sponsored by her.It was a lot of fun. I got about 15 containers sowed this afternoon. It didnt take long as I saved a few bags of last year's containers. So I didnt have all the cutting to do.
   I also sowed some more rose seeds I had saved. last yr I got two wonderful rose bushes this way. I expected some weird looking thing with flowers no where near the parent, but I got a wonderful surprise when they bloomed. What a cheap,easy way to make more roses.
  Traditionally, winter sowing is started on Winter Solstice. But I avoid the cold weather as much as possible. This is such an easy method to start seeds. Mother Nature takes care of most of the gardener's duties. Give it a try and drop a line to let me know how it did.


  1. Oh! i think that was such a hot day....and i agree with you that,this is a cheap way to make fresh roses!! thanks for the posting.

    Minnesota Landscape

  2. Best wishes with your winter sowing. I can't wait to see what you grow this year. :)

  3. I'm sure you'll have great success! It was so hot this week, that I didn't start winter sowing as planned. Now, I'm thinking of direct sowing again. Can't predict our weather!

  4. This is my 2nd year wintersowing, but 1st year using milk jugs. I have high hopes for the jugs, but so far the open pots sown in January were the 1st to sprout. Would love the purple coneflower to germinate this year.

  5. My coneflower did very well last yr in jugs.I sowed a bunch in an old kitty litter jug. The only problem with open pots is that they may dry out a little quicker, so you may need to watch them a little more.

  6. Great information, looks like something we should implement in our landscapes.
    Thanks for the info and posting!