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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update On The Closet

       Well it took a little longer than we anticipated, but its finally done. All except installing one more closet rod. One of these days we will also make some drawers to install between some of the shelves. For now i am just glad to finally put our things away.
This is how it looked after installing trim work to cover rough edges of plywood and floor molding. Still needs painted yet.

The hanging section on the right with the rod lying down, is where we still need tp install the second lower rod.

This shows the right wall, and the double closet bar here.

Here is a close-up of the crown molding along the ceiling. This really dresses it up.
Everything is painted (still waiting on the last rod below these clothes). This shows things in progess of being put back in the closet. I reealllyyy need that other rod,lol

Saturday, October 06, 2012

New Walk-In Closet on The Way

        We have been in the middle of remodeling our bedroom for sometime. When you own a home, there is always something that needs fixed, or updated. Life always seems to get in the way and put a halt to things sometimes though. Several yrs ago we did the master bathroom, and about 2 months ago, we finally got around to the bedroom. admittedly the bedroom was a pretty big project. We used to have a little bump out with windows in it. We took the whole end wall out of the house on our bedroom, and rebuilt it. He made it straight across. He hung new wood siding, new gutter and installed new windows in our room as well. We also used to have a small room just off our bedroom with a large spa in it. This room was about 11x11. We dont have city water, and hauling water in to re-fill it regularly was getting to be a pain in the butt. So we pulled  out the spa and gave it to my son. We then raised the floor in it even with the bedroom. It was 2 steps down as it was on a tiled cement floor. The windows were removed and walls re-done and painted the same dusty, gray-green as the bedroom. The hardwood floors are on order and should be here by Tuesday. So for the last couple of days we have been building the cabinetry for the walk-in closet. Yes, even today......my 29th...mmmm  well 52 nd birthday.
     We had planned on just hanging the  store bought shelving units found in Lowes and Home Depot, until I seen the site below. As soon as we seen their closet, we knew we were going to do our best to make it ours.
Check this out! You have got to watch her cute video. She did a wonderful job, and on her closet too. Anyway, her closet was our inspiration.
In this photo we are starting to build our cabinets:
A few more done. Man does it take time to cut all these boards, figure up sizes, measure and remeasure.On the left wall we will leave open as the doorway comes thru here. There will be cabinetry on the other three walls.These pics are taken from the closet doorway looking in from the bedroom.
I know, it sure dont look like much.....yet.
And here we are still on the painting part of the project. I painted the back edges of the shelves before we pushed them up against the wall, so I wouldnt have to tape the walls off. The lady in the above link added backs to her cabinets, but we kinda wanted to see the green walls with the white cabinets. I thought that might be a nice contrast. I figured the sheet rock walls could always be painted white later if we wanted to, and you would never know the difference. 
Now all the cabinets are installed and painted their first coat. You need to paint one coat , let dry, then sand, and paint the final coat. The first coat of paint will raise the grain making the wood feel real rough. There is a load of difference when you do this light sanding. We also used some wood putty to fill in any knots that show on the rougher side of the plywood. It is 3/4 inch thick, and has one nice side, and one almost as nice side. We also took white caulking and filled in the where the edges of the shelves met the sides, so no cracks show. We wanted a nice smooth finish. Tomorrow we plan on getting all the trim installed except the floor molding.   We have to wait till the wood floor is down, before we can put it in. But trim on all the shelves and sides, and crown molding along the ceiling will happen tomorrow. When you used plywood, the edges always have to be covered with something. They arent pretty,lol. Then I will show off some more pics. Be prepared to be amazed!