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Sunday, July 17, 2016

All Natural, Effective Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant...Plus It's Cheap!

    For years I have thought about what I had been reading about the aluminum in anti-perspirants being strongly linked to Alzheimers and breast cancer. According to one article I read it stated most breast cancer tumors are found near the outer section of the breasts near the arm pits. However,  have never been able to find anything I liked that didnt have aluminum that worked. The aluminum is what the deodorants use to keep you dry.
   However, recently I got a stronger nudge to find something safe. My sister in law was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and just completed a round of chemo, and lost all her hair. Now she is beginning to embark on a series of radiation treatments. I really feel for this woman going through this, but she has held strong, and tackling this head on.
    With this new diagnosis in mind, I started my research again. I was on the edge of ordering one brand when I saw a post on a blog about her homemade deodorant and follow-up comments about how others were having reactions to the baking soda that was used to keep a person dry. After I delved into this further I found even more people commenting about the baking soda causing rashes and skin irritation. The skin under your arms is rather delicate after all. I guess the baking soda can be a little abrasive. I was getting ready to add that all natural deodorant to my shopping cart then decided I better hold off a little longer.
    So back to the drawing board again. After doing many Google searches on natural deodorant recipes I stumbled upon someone promoting Milk Of Magnesia as a deodorant-anti-perspirant. Supposedly it was pretty effective. So I decided to give it a try.  I poured a nickle size amount onto the tip of my fingers on one hand and shared this amount on the fingertips of the other hand. I then smeared this around on my armpits. It doesnt take long to dry. Low and behold....It worked. I have even tested it in the gym. I have no underarm wetness and no odor. I always shower at night before bed and apply it then. By the time I get lotion on, etc its dry. i dont re-apply the next day but you certainly can. I have been testing this for a month now and I am very happy with it. It's even summer time too.

Its just magnesium which is good for you. Some are even deficient in this mineral. You will need to buy the off brand however. The name brand has added sodium hypochorite which is just a bleach agent that is added. It will be listed under the "inactive ingredients" list on the back of the label. My Kroger brand didnt have this. Just the magnesium.

I beleive the Kroger brand was around a dollar. Others have found brands without bleach at the Dollar Store, or Dollar General. 

Give it a try, you have almost nothing to lose and a more healthier disease resistant body to gain.

UPDATE: I have recently started adding a few drops lavender essential oil for fragrance and I mix about 1 Tb coconut oil, melted into about 1/2 cup of M.O.M. The oil gives it a nice thicker body, and a wonderful silky feel. 

New Baby and Ninja Turtle Quilt

   We have a new baby in the family. My niece just had a beautiful little baby boy. The are Ninja Turtle fans and requested a quilt. I usually prefer soft colors for new babies but nija's just dont come in baby blue,lol. I also used a store bought receiving blanket and monogrammed it and mde a matching burp cloth.

I also surprised mom and dad with a banner with baby info recorded o it in embroidery. I also added the turtle .

I hung the banner on a dowel and added some ribbon. All ready for the nursery wall.