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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dave's Killer Bread

     You have got to check out this guys story, and try the recipe. I have never been into eating whole wheat bread before. To me it just seems a little heavy, and just not pleasant. However my husband eats it almost every morning. I seen this guys story on TV the other day, and looked up the recipe online. I occasionally make bread , so I was ready. I have only tried whole wheat one other time, and it was not good. This time, the bread raised fantastic, and even though I forgot about it while in the oven, and it got a little too brown on top, it turned out fantastic. Even my kids ate it. And they turn up their noses to brown bread ( 22 yo and up). I made it according to the recipe from the link below, except I did have to add a little extra water. I also brushed the top with thinned honey, and sprinkled on oats. Figured I would be a little creative :)
Here ya go:

Recipe can be found HERE.

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  1. We've been buying Dave's at Costco for about a year now. I didn't know there was a recipe to make it. I'll have to give it a try. I've got a bread machine because I'm lazy. LOL

    Thank you for your sweet, heartfelt comments on my blog. Having a listening ear can make a tremendous difference. Writing is also good therapy. Commenters like yourself are the icing on the cake. Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy that bread. It looks wonderful!