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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Unbelievable Growth With Mittleider Gardening Method

       I recently returned from a 10 day trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. We had a fabulous time with my grown children and their children. before I left I strung 2 more rows of strings above my pole beans so they would have something to grab onto. i have been busy and havent gotten it all done yet. Next year I plan on building a trellis for them from metal pipe frame with a strung grid. Like you see on Reaganite71 youtube video .HERE. Anyway, when I left they were only about 1.5 ft tall. When I got back, I was SHOCKED to see this:
Look at how tall the beans are on my 6 ft tall poles! The ones in the middle just look short because they have sprawled everywhere, since they ran out of string to climb on. I dont know if I can get them untangled or not. Holy Cow! At least 4 ft of growth in only 10 days! Unbelievable. Check out my tomatoes:

This is the most tomatoes I have seen on my tomatoes plants before. and there's still more coming! The vines are now OVER 8 ft tall.
Look at this beautiful Golden Gala Melon growing vertically. It is about 8" long and about 8" wide right now. I cant wait for it to ripen. Growing vertically takes up so much less room, and is sooo easy.

Look at this beautiful Sugar Baby Watermelon growing vertically. It is about 6" across so far.
This is just one of the Charleston Gray Watermelons growing along the ground. I have decided to let them sprawl since they are supposed to get very large. This is the first time I have been able to grow any kind of melons.

Next year I have to do some renovating of the garden. I didnt really anticipate the Mittleider Method being so productive. I have to make more room between some beds, and I think I will make my 5 ft wide tomato bed narrower. I thought three rows deep would be easily handled. WRONG! I have to learn to follow the Method, and not wing things so much. I spent too much time on the irrigation this year, expecting a dry, hot season like last yr, but this year has gone to the extreme. It has been very wet. so I didnt get as much done to trellis's etc. I will work more on the irrigation and trellis's next season. I also didnt get as much brocolli as I wanted. Oh dont think it didnt grow. It grew fabulous. But by the time I returned from the beach, it had gone to seed. next yr I will wait to Fall growing season on these. Now I have more room for some bush beans. I have to be making plans for the Fall garden too.

For more information on the Mittleider Method i am experimenting with this yr, check out the links on my side bar.


  1. Did your county extension agent figure out why half of your tomato plants died? I am very interested in following your adventures with the Mittleider Gardening Method. Do your vegetables taste just as good with this new method? You have a very interesting blog and I enjoy reading it!

    1. yes, they said : " Phoma leaf spot, Spray with Daconil"
      The remaining half look very good and are producing very well. The few tomatoes that have ripened were very good. I still have a bunch of green ones. Thanks for the compliments!

  2. what a pleasant surprise to come home to! I would have been surprised at how quickly they grew too - and so lush and green. Very interesting.