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Monday, August 31, 2015

19 Down...23 more to go..AGGGGHHHH!

    I HATE to paint! I just didnt realize how much ,lol. I would never make a professional house painter. I would be ready to bury my brush after the first side. I counted up I have 42 cabinet doors and drawers to paint, not counting the frames. But hold your horses...that only counts the cabinets we have so far. The originals and the 4 cabinets we have bought. I still have to buy 7 more cabinets.  I worked several hours today and go most of the frames  of the current cabinets primed. Out of the 42 doors and drawers, We have completed 23. ONLY 23! Never again will I agree with my husband about how nice this paint is flowing out the brush strokes. Don't even need to spray them.We can just finish them with a brush and roller.

                 Boy did I get conned into that one,lol. Just like the friends of Tom Sawyer.
                                         He's good! Luckily he has helped me some.

We are priming with Sherwin Williams shellac primer. It does have some odor but nothing overwhelming. Unless you have your head inside a very deep cabinet priming the inside. Then it tends to build up and fill your nose. But it is tough stuff when it dries.  I dont want to be doing this again. I have contacted other bloggers who have used this alkyd paint on their cabinets up to four years ago. All were thrilled with the performance and durability. So thats a good thing.

             Last night we bought some trim to bulk up the bottom of the cabinets. we already had crown molding on the top, but after seeing cabinets done like this in Lowe's and Home Depot, we decided we wanted it too. The thing is, they use special molding. Its not the standard stuff you find on the shelf. so just like when we did the fancy chair rail in our hallway. we went to the store and played around stacking pieces of trim. Like playing with lego blocks in the middle of the aisle.  Finally we decided on a couple of pieces that looked very nice together. The "L" shaped piece underneath, you dont see, but it helps to give you something to fasten the molding to, and something to nail to your cabinet.
Be warned. There are lots of mitered corners to create.
This shows how the two pieces are layered. He glued and nailed the pieces together before cutting miters.
Ta Da! This is how it looks when your done. before painting.

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