"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away?"

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Amish Country, Ohio

    Well, we have been here since Thursday. We find this area fascinating. Kind of envy their simple way of life. Often looking at the farms, sometimes with 4-5 homes located together, and this this is the way it should be. Keep your children and grandchildren close. One shouldnt have to wait weeks or months to see a loved one. Amish country abounds with wonderful farms. Everything is spotless and well manicured. Absolutely heavenly country.

I noticed an older child sitting on a riding toy, usually meant for younger children. This made me think about how our children are exposed to much to much,way to young, forced to grow up before they are ready. Older children didnt need their video games, TV,and other ways of the modern life to entertain themselves. They  seem to depict a simpler, more innocent moment in time. The way children should live. No worries, safe and secure, not bothered with crime, drugs and alcohol. Happy & Healthy!
This is such a wonderful shot of the children playing in the yard.

I am absolutely obsessed with the Amish buggies. love everything about them. especially the clip clop of the horses heels on the roads and they made their way briskly along. Sharing the road with the fast paced, modern life racing past them with all their modern day worries. Not appearing to mind as we intrude on their life.

      Yesterday afternoon, while traveling up a back road, we came upon an open buggy with 3 young Amish girls with faces aglow with their beautiful, happy smiles.
        Another thibng, that probably seems a little odd, is that I loved seeing the clothes hanging on the line, waving in the breeze. Their simple garments, hung with care.
The first time we pulled into the local Walmart to get a few groceries, I couldnt believe the sign facing me stating "Hitching post" with an arrow pointing the direction to  a row of open stalls to park the buggies and horses. This struck me as kind of humorous. Almost like I suddenly fell thru a time warp into the old west.
And "Yes", McDonald's has intruded as well. Here is a pic of their "hitching posts": Would you beleive they actually have blinker lights? How cute is that?
While traveling along on a back road today on the motorcycle, we rove to the top of a steep grade and while sitting at the intersection, we waited while this buggy was going by. i loved how it was silouetted against the skyline since we were sitting downhill from it.
We also drove by a fenced in petting range with exotic animals. This slightly blurry shot shows two large elk ( maybe), both white:
Also some albino deer
First thing this morning, we stopped at a local Amish roadside market and bought a bushel of the best looking Golden Delicious apples for $25. 
As you enter the campground we are staying at, there are two gorgeous trees that have turned a bright golden yellow for Fall.  It is not quite peak color, but getting pretty close.

More Fall color:

More sklyine views:

Nothing like a beautiful reminder, that this really is God's country.

Everything closes up earlier around here. So here we are enjoying a wonderfully warm campfire at the trailer:
A cool evening, warm fire, and the comfort of a loving man. What a  wonderfully satisfying way to end the day.
And here is a little video clip with more buggies, and that special "clip clop" sound.


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