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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Kids are Gone, and Mom's Taking Over

         For many years I have made due with a tiny closet of a sewing room. its about 6'x10'. I am a very disorganized person even on a good day. I am into a lot of different craft forms as well. so I have supplies from craft projects, sewing, knitting, paper crafts, and embroidery. and admittedly, I hate to throw anything away. I had a very frugal upbringing, and tend to think " I might need that someday". No matter how small or cheap the item. I am trying to get away from a lot of that thinking. tackling a room every now and then throwing things away. Now its time for the sewing room. Now i have room to put things.
        I am a grandma of 4, and 4 of my 5 children have now moved out on their own. So my once 6 bedroom home has some empty, or almost empty rooms. If the kids ever get the rest of their stuff,lol. I am wondering if they are leaving stuff just to "mark" their territory. Just in case they want to come back,lol. I have 4 bedrooms upstairs. One has been made into a home office of sorts. another project room in the waiting. There is also the master bedroom, which is now a completed project, and 2 other bedrooms. One I am leaving as a guest room ( if I can manage to get the rest of my daughter's things out), the other still has a few of another daughter's things,plus a full size bed. I would like to take that bed out, but for now I will probably leave it, and just make it up like a daybed for now, and make this 12x14 foot room into my sewing room extension. My sewing "closet" has my mounted tables below the window and along one wall. This is where i set my sewing and embroidery machines. But I want to put up a large work table in the bedroom, and bookshelves for my fabrics. Stay tuned for pictures and organization ideas for this major work in progress.

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