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Friday, January 25, 2013

Seed Orders For 2013......phew! Glad That's done.

       I have been researching what seeds I want to order for weeks now. Reading online reviews and recommendation based on taste and productivity.  That was hard sometimes as what one person raved about, another may have poor results. These pics however, are based on many,many comments. Most of these are new to me. This list is just my new seed orders, I also have a  list of seeds I already have (mostly tomatoes) that I still havent narrowed down yet.

So here ya go, todays order list for 2013:

Pinetree Garden Seeds
PO Box 300
New Gloucester, ME  04260

Product #: 42-PREMIUM CROP BROC (F1 hybrid 6
Price: $1.75

Product #: 5802-PRIMERO CABBAGE (F1 72 days)
Price: $1.65

Product #: 5701-EARLY JERSEY WAKEFIELD (60-75 
Price: $1.25

Product #: 8001-AMAZING CAULIFLOWER (71 days)
Price: $1.65

Product #: 123-BON APPETIT CORN (hybrid 71 da
Price: $2.25

Price: $1.75

Product #: 24301-AILSA CRAIG 
Price: $1.65

Product #: W128-EMERITE POLE BEAN (58 days)
Price: $1.75

Product Total: $13.70
Discounts Applied: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $3.95
Special_Handling: $0.00
Order_Total: $17.65

 Totally Tomatoes
Dear tammy,
Thank you for your order on Totally Tomatoes.  Below are the details:
Order Date:1/25/2013 8:41:51 AM
Confirmation Number:
Product Total:$9.85
Standard Shipping:$4.95
Order Total:$14.80
 Gift Card Adjustment: 0.00
 Coupon Savings (if applicable): $0.00
 Amount Billed To Credit Card: $14.80

Products Ordered
00524AOmars Lebanese Tomato1 @ $2.35$2.35
03161AGourmet Pepper1 @ $2.50$2.50
00068ABetter Boy Hybrid Tomato1 @ $2.55$2.55
00526AOpalka Tomato1 @ $2.45$2.45

Osborne Seed Order

Shopping Cart

ItemQtyPrice Per UnitTotal
Bean, Fortex
1/2 M (SOLD OUT)
Bean, Lewis (HMX 7112)
2 M
Bean, Stringless Blue Lake S-7
1 lb
Sub Total:$29.55
Shipping for Myself (Best Available):To Be Determined
I am very excited about my bean orders. I have read so mnay rave reviews and recommnedations for all but Lewis. I cant find much about them, but they sure sounded good.
Fortex pole bean, is raved about in many forums. I first read about this one on gardenweb.

A lot of these seeds (except for the beans) will do me for more than one year. Now to plan out "WHERE" I am planting these.


  1. Fun to see what you'll be growing. I guess it won't be too long before you start seedlings. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Laura. I will be starting seeds sometime in early March. Going to buy some shop lights to start them under.