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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saving Clematis Seed

For years I have saved seeds from my plants to either grow on to make more, or for trading on Gardenweb for other seeds. Most seeds are very easy to recognize, but others are a little more obscure. One I had particular problems recognizing was the Clematis. For years I thought it was all the little fuzzy things that developed where the flowers died, but couldnt figure out why nothing would germinate. This past Fall i posted a question on Gardenweb to try and figure this out. I posted pics of what I thought were the seeds:

Wrong!! Here is a pic of the actual developing seed. The circled fat seed is the one to watch.When it is ripe and ready to go, it turns a blackish color. Now I understand more than likely they wont grow true to the parent, but it can be a fun experiment to see what new, beautiful variety you will get.

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