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Author: Unknown

Sunday, February 24, 2013


    I started my early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage about 11 days ago. A few cells were starting to look pretty crowded, so I decided to transplant a few to larger digs. I am just starting to feel a little better after a cold, so I only got a few of the worse cells done. Just look at the roots on these babies:

I bought little plastic bathroom cups, cut a generous hole in the bottom, labeled the cup, then filled with moist potting soil, I took my knife, and opened a hole in the center, then while holding the seedling by its little leaf, I placed it into the cup. With these roots it took a little playing to get everything tucked in. I then placed these little cups in a large rectangular cake pan,  and placed back under my lights.
I did about 50 plants, all cabbage, except about 10 of the cauilflower Amazing. I dont know what I was thinking when I sowed so many. I guess I am going to have to research how to can this stuff. I like cabbage, I like cole slaw, but I am now sure how else to fix it. Any ideas?


  1. We cut cabbage into about 2" pieces, put it in a plastic vegetable bag, drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with lemon herb seasoning, and then grill on the outside BBQ. De-lish!
    Really, it's wonderful. :)

    1. This sounds delicious. I will give it a try. Got any ideas for preserving an abundance? Thanks for stopping by.