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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Companion Planting Chart

    I have been working on gardening plans for a few months now. I have been researching and ordering seeds, studying what plant works or doesnt work with another, different gardening methods (settled on Mittleider method which I will tell you more about in future posts),seed starting, and grow lights. To be honest, i have probably spent way too much time on the online research,lol. But you know how play time on the computer goes.
    Anyway, one of my long lists, that i have jotted down, and jotted down again is companion planting. There is lots of information available online. This is an opinion of what plants grow well with others, or may inhibit the growth of a plant. for example, Fennel is not recommended to be planted with other vegetables. Basil is thought to enhance the flavor of tomatoes, some disagree, but it is also considered to increase  yield. Rosemary is thought to deter cabbage moths. cinnamon basil is supposed to increase yield of green peppers. Some plants just dont play well with others and need to be separated. I finally got my list into a chart form. So feel free to download it for your own use by clicking on the link below:

Companion Planting Chart Download

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