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Saturday, May 25, 2013

T-Frames For The Tomato Supports Installed

     My husband finished building and installing the T-Frames into my tomato bed this morning. All thats left is to put in the tie wire at the base of the plants and tie them up. Things are really looking good. We plan on finishing the irrigation this weekend as well. The potatoes on the far left are now a whopping 2 foot tall and growing.
This shows the two big beds outside the potager fence, and the T-frames installed in the one bed.
This bed is 5 feet wide so the top of the frame extends a foot on each side. As you can see, he placed 3/4" conduit on the edges between the frames instead of the traditional 2x4's. He thought these would tend to sag less over time. If you were going to make this into a high tunnel or greenhouse sometime later by installing hoops at the top with the pvc, then you would need to use boards. Next year I am only going to place the hoops at the bottom for a low tunnel for an earlier start on the tomatoes.


  1. That looks great! You could eventually run boards on the outside of the upper beams, curve PVC (with 45degree adapters) and have the upper portion of a greenhouse or shade cloth support there! Great work.

    1. I dont know how well these conduit will hold up without bowing, but my husband thought they would do better thn 2x4, but if they dont they are cheap to replace. I have seen them made into a greenhouse. I figure I could just use the bottom boards of the bed and make a low tunnel next yr so I can get an earlier start. But a little at a time. Thanks for stopping by.