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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Automatic Watering System For The Garden

            Today, we started on the automatic watering system for the garden. I never dreamed it would take as long as it did. We got all the buried lines done and everything is in, except the lines that run down each bed with the holes drilled in them. I worked on getting 10 of the 19 lines drilled. We have one more fitting we were short on, so probably should get it done about mid week. The whole system will be set up on a timer so that the garden can be watered for a couple of minutes every morning. But this timing may need to be adjusted when I see how moist it keeps the soil. So Now when we are traveling, the garden will get watered all by its lonesome. Pictures coming soon.

ps: If your interested in a very detailed video on how to install this system for your own garden, check out youtube video by LDSprepper. I couldnt explain it any better myself. So I will just link to his. By the way, check out his other video's while your at it. Lots there. Same goes for video's by Reaganite71 on youtube. Between these two, I have lots of plans,lol

If you want to try The Mittleider Gardening Method for yourself, you can find lots of info at the link at the top of my sidebar on the right. There are also links there with free plans to build  your own greenhouse, and a free gardening journal to download. If you have any questions, I will do my best to help.

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