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Author: Unknown

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Blue Flax

    Another blooming winter sown seedling. This is one of the first blooms. Right now it is looking a little sparse with only 3-4 blooms, but I am looking forward to it filling out with maturity. Its very hard to find blue blooms, so I am very grateful for what I have.


  1. Tammy,
    My blue flax is still blooming like crazy! It blooms in the morning and drops the blooms when it gets hot. It has been nonstop since I first wrote about it back in April. I even threw down a few more seeds of the common blue flax and those are tiny little sprouts right now. I'm in love with the flax!

  2. Cameron, mine closed up too when it got hot. I didnt have very many seeds, but I know I will be saving these.

  3. How beautiful. I adore blue flax, such a delicate, pretty flower.

    RO :o)