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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

June 8 Update For The Potager

  I finally have some blooms going on inside the fence. The first is Nasturtium Creamsicle. I really need to get different photos as some of these are a little out of focus.

I love the green and white marbling in the leaves.
This is one of the new Mr. Big Pea buds. They are a pretty white.

My wintersown Marigold's are starting to bloom

I also have a few tomatoes starting to set buds.Cant wait for these!
Update: I dont know how I missed this early, but I was looking thru the garden again, and found this:

                               We have fruit! Thank You Early Girl!!!


  1. Tammy, that Nasturtium 'Creamsicle' is lovely. I planted a mix of nasturtiums so it will be exciting to see what transpires. Hope your week is a good one

  2. I also love that Nasturtium with the varigated foliage. Gorgeous! I am already harvesting tomatoes so yours should be red soon.

  3. I sure hope so, otherwise, I might have to come visit,lol