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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful Dames Rocket

      I had a few plants last yr, towards the back of this end of the bed. I wasnt sure I liked them. I even pulled a few out last yr. But this yr a bunch sprouted up in shades of purple and white, and look so nice near the purple iris's and the bright pink azalea. My huge weigela  just to the right of the azalea, and looks just as beautiful. I think I will let them stay.

PS: I edited the title as I at first thought these were phlox and later found out they are really Dames Rocket.


  1. I've sown the seeds, but not sure I'd recognize the seedlings when they appear! My nigella is blooming everywhere right now. It just started up in a big way.

  2. Dames rocket grows into large clumps. Mine bloomed the second year from seed. The first year it just sat there.

  3. Beautiful and colorful garden. Nicely captured.

    Looking forward for more updated posts.

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  4. Dame's Rocket or Hesperis matronalis is also called wild phlox. Thomas Jefferson propogated the seeds, but in some states the plant is considered a noxious weed!