"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away?"

Author: Unknown

Monday, August 13, 2012

Note to self.......

      This is just a note to myself for next year. I know my memory, and sometimes its not the best.  When canning season comes around next year, and I get the bright idea to try and put corn up again, someone PLEASE lock me in my room. I am serious. The canning bug has gotten to me this yr, and I am trying to preserve a lot of different things. I have never done corn before. I have done green beans, jams,deer, and even raw pack chicken. But NEVER again to corn. I had a mess everywhere . The silk wasnt too bad. Got it cleaned up with  a few quick swipes of the broom. Then it came time to cut it off the cob. it was on my face, in my hair, on my shirt, up my arms, all over the counter top, and a mess in the floor at my feet. Oh i forgot to mention my feet. Not to mention stepping on it as I stood at the counter,lol. Even my usual clean-up crew, the two maltese on my side-bar, ran for cover.        
           "But you love corn" I tried to remind them. 
Calling for them several times while I stood on that sticky mess. They would come and sniff, and quickly leave. not a bite taken.
 "Remember when I held a partial buttered ear for you while you quickly nibbled the moist buttery goodness."
 "You loved it then", I pleaded.
 They are usually so good about cleaning up messes. Waiting at my feet for me to drop something accidently, or on purpose. It was no use. I had to pull up my big girl britches and work my way thru the mess. it was only 24 ears, but it sure seemed like a 100. I was going to can it in pints, but I just wanted to get it over with, so just bagged it up in a zip lock baggy for freezing.
These measly 8 bags better taste like CHOCOLATE after all this.


  1. It's so much easier to leave them whole and put them in vacuum sealed bags. I put up 200 ears each year in the freezer. I've done marathon cutting and canning, never again.

    1. Thanks for the tip Melissa. Does the corn taste any different left on the cob? Do you do anything to them before bagging?