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Friday, November 16, 2012

Money Saver Tip for Plug-In Air Fresheners

      Anyone that knows me, know that I hate disposable items. I try to avoid them as much as possible. It seems like such a waste to pay good money for something then throw it away. Just like the popular disposable mop covers.  Thats why I created my own covers for dusting or wet mopping HERE. This morning, I got tired of looking at my empty airwick plug in stuck in my bathroom outlet. Its been there for awhile. I just couldnt bring myself to buy another bottle. They dont seem to last very long. So I decided to look at the bottle and see if I could get the top off. Mine is the motion activated one. I took a butter knife and was able to easily slip the cap right off.
Now I had to figure out what to fill it with. I already had fabuloso a cheap cleaner with a great fresh smell. I hate that its not antibacterial, but I usually just add it to my mop water that has bleach.
I love how the room smells after mopping with it. I had plenty of this, so I simply poured it straight into the bottle. Recapped it, and plugged it in. A couple of hours later, I checked on things and loved the fresh smell in my bathroom. Best of all, it couldnt have cost more than a penny to fill, when the entire jug cost less than $3.
UPDATE: As of January 2015, we have begun our journey to more healthy living. Eating plant pased, eliminating plastics and aluminum and non-stick cookware. I now use cloth napkins in place of paper, and rags in place of paper towels. We also use natural homemade cleaning products. So due to this I have also stopped using these air fresheners. However, a good option would be to use natural essential oils.


  1. Heating that will make the air toxic to your human body/brain....DONT USE THAT !

    1. jesselee, as of January 2015 I have become very active in maintaining our health. My husband and I have started a plant based diet, I have eliminated as much plastics as I can. Also eliminating most chemical cleaning products and aluminum foil. I no longer cook with non-stick cookware as well. We also have started using cloth napkins and use rags in place of paper towels. I also no longer use these air fresheners in any way. Thanks for stopping by and giving readers a heads up.