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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crochet Edging Detail for Blanket

       I recently got on a kick working with crochet thread. I wanted to try my hand at edging a baby blanket. I have used the thread before to make lace to sew onto hand towels, but havent done a blanket, ad its been many years since I did that. I have been researching some free patterns on the web, but I hadnt had much luck at finding exactly like I wanted. I did find one, and started with it, but quickly decided to wing my own design. I believe it came out pretty good.

Here is how I did it. I took a piece of flannel, and cut it off full width by 34" long. then with the four corners layered on top of each other, lay a large plate up against the corner and cut it off with a rotary cutter to round the corners. Fold over edge about 1/4"  and stitch down. No attach number 10 crochet thread  by pushing a number 6 crochet hook into blanket below hem about 1/4" down from edge. Now single crochet (sc) all around edge of blanket with right sides facing, and join in first sc with a slipstitch.
       NOTE: you can also make this double thickness by sewing two pieces together , right sides facing, then leave an opening for turning. Press edges, and then do the sc.

ROW  1. chain 5, dc in base of ch 5, chain 3, * double crochet (dc) in 3rd sc from hook., chain 3, dc in 3rd sc from hook, chain 3, dc in same sc, chain 3.*. Repeat around and join with slip stitch in 3rd chain on starting chain 5.

ROW 2: Slip stitch into chain 3 space of 2 dc grouping ( as seen in step B notice the "V" shape formed by 2 dc in A)) , Chain 3, *  dc,chain 3, wrap yarn around needle to dc in ch 3 space below working close to bar of dc below, pull up a thread, yarn over, drow thru two loops and leave 2 loops on hook, do the again just to left of last partial dc, repeat into top of dc in row below, and do two more times in chain 3 space just to the left, then warp your needle and draw thru all loops on hook to make a cluster ( as seen in steps 1 thru 5) .chain 3, and dc in center of chain 3 space of two dc cluster in row below. * repeat to end and join with slip stitch into 3rd ch of beginning ch 3.

ROW 3:  ch 3, do * 8 dc in ch 3 space as shown in A, ch 2 sc into top of cluster below as seen in B, ch 2, 8 dc into next ch 3 space of the "V" as seen in A. repeat from * around to end, chain 2 and slipstitch into third chain that started row. tie off.

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