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Friday, November 16, 2012

I Love My Homemade Country Style Bathroom Vanity!

     A few years ago, before i joined blogging  land, we renovated our main bathroom. We still need to replace the old tub and toilet, but all good things in time.
     We have a ranch style home. Built entirely by our own hands. except for when hubby needed a little more muscle than I have lol. It is 3740 sq feet.  As time goes by and kids move out, we have been updating a few rooms at a time. The most recent was our bedroom. I will make another post of it, however I did show off our new walk-in closet HERE.
     Anyway, quite a few years ago when we custom ordered handmade oak cabinets for our kitchen from a local craftsman, we also ordered a few for our bathroom. I wanted something that looked like an old fashioned hutch. So we ordered regular bottom cabinets to work with our existing laundry shoot and single sink placement. Then for the uppers, we ordered 2 narrow upper cabinets to flank the vanity mirror. We then went to Lowes and purchased an inexpensive beveled wall mirror. Centered it on the wall between the wall cabinets, then took pine boards and framed the mirror. My husband did cut a ledge out of the back edge of the boards that went against the mirror so we didnt have as much thickness showing in the front. Just  lap joined the corners, nothing fancy. Screwed into the wall, and screws were recessed so he could add wood buttons to cover them.

This is a view of the upper right corner of the mirror. You can see one of the wood buttons here. Also across the whole top to join the wall cabinets, he had the craftsman, cut a wide board as a topper to enclose the whole thing making it look like one unit. 

The woodworker also cut out a decorative front board to join the wall cabinets from oak. When it was all put together my husband also gave it its crowning glory by adding decorative molding along the whole top of the unit. I forgot to mention the counter top had the backspalsh cut out from behine the wall cabinets so everything would fit nice and flush up agains the wall.

We also bought under mount cabinet lighting for ambiance and when one needs a little more light. I just noticed in trying to get the picture to be right sides up ( blogger seems to want to turn my pics sometimes when posting), I ended up with a mirror image,lol. the only things left for this bathroom is a new tile floor and fixtures.


  1. We also have a 3200 sq.ft house totally designed by us..We have worked on it's floors as well for furnishings.Our family have 5 members my father ,mother and we three sisters ..we know the pain of building a house as we have build it by our own ..that's why we three girls have muscles like man.I appreciate your work as we have felt the same at the time of building the house.

  2. I think its fantastic that ou were able to help your parents. Building a home is a great learning experience that you may yourself one day need. Hiring labor can be very expensive. Dont be afraid to research and jump in and give it a try. It also very satisfying to be able to look back and say "We did it ourselves". Thanks for stopping by.

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