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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Getting Ready For 2013 Garden

   I just took a couple of shots of my almost empty garden. Its still about 4 weeks before my last frost date of may 10. I just wanted to show the placement of the beds and the two new 5'x16' beds at the end of the potager/garden. We still want to till the two new beds one more time yet.
The new beds are off to the left, outside the fence, Below you can see the three 4x8 beds in the center with the 2' wide bed then runs in a "U" shape around the perimeter. There are about 2 and 1/2 ft walkways between. 

       Then we will start on the irrigation plans. In the drawing below you see the pvc irrigation pipe done in yellow. We are leaving to take my DGD back home in Myrtle Beach then when we return, I hope to get this done. I also hung new sachets of Milorganite around the perimeter of my back yard to renew my deer protection.

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