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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Re-Grow Your Celery Instead Of Tossing It

     I have seen posts on the internet about regrowing celery from the base of a grocery store stalk. I tried it once before by placing it in a small amount of water in a cup, but nothing happened. About a week ago, I was cleaning out my fridge , I found an old limp partial stalk of celery. It was starting to look yucky around the edges. Just as I was heading to the garbage can with it, i decided to give it another try. I truly figured that if my healthier stalk before didnt work, this one definitely wouldn't. But what did I have to lose? So I cut off about an 1" thick chunk off of the base and tossed the rest. This time, I just used a  old small 1/4 cup measuring cup I had. I just filled the cup partially with water, set the base into it and set it in my kitchen window. Low and Behold......I now have growth.
The edges of the old stalks continued to brown some, but new growth is coming up out of the center. I thought about continuing to let it sit in water until  I got roots (which i dont have at this point), but then after reading THIS blog post, I decided to go ahead and plant it. Especially since I am going way for a week on Friday and wouldnt be here to maintain the water level.

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