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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Allium Molly

  Here is another fantastic little plant. The blooms are such a bright yellow. It is blooming right now in the flower bed It is approximately 12" high. My soil is not very good here. Quite a bit of clay.Which I never amended when I planted this.It is in full sun, but tolerates part sun as well. It is hardy in zones 3-8, and rabbit, squirrel, and deer resistant. Even when I was having a problem with the deer (before the milorganite), they never bothered this one.Its common name is Golden garlic or Lilly Leek. They can be divided in the fall if the clumps become overcrowded. This pretty little plant has never become invasive in the years I have had it. The clump just gets fuller and prettier every year.

Update: I was leaning over this plant this morning to work in the bed and noticed, true to its name "Allium", it has a mild onion like smell.Not unpleasant, but noticeable close-up.


  1. I thought allium were those purple flowers that look like a drumstick that are real tall. Guess this is a variety I didn't know existed.

  2. Hi Tammy. That's what mine are! Thank you so much! My brain is getting too old. LOL! They have lovely yellow blooms. Your plants are larger than mine though but they may get bigger through the years. I have no experience with them.