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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

      I commented in my post Vegan For Life, that I had gone vegan and was losing weight. I also noted my weight had been at a standstill for a time. It has now been about 3 months.
BUT in the last few days the weight loss has kicked in again. I have lost about 3 more lbs. a pound and a half yesterday. No changes in my eating, and I have been exercising less due to some fatigue. I have fibromyalgia so that is nothing new. I have read that when these stalls happen early on, that are ody is doing some much needed healing from past abuse. That may be the case. I dont know.
      I also recently read a very good book which helped solidify what I have been reading on this new way of eating.  It is  "Eat To Live" , by Dr. Fuhrman.
                                                   I am NEVER  "dieting" again.

This eating plan means eating plant based whole foods. Eliminating, as much as you can, all processed foods, meat, dairy, refined sugar and refined white grains .  I know...I will now hear......
                                              " But what CAN I Eat?" 
That's an easy one. You can eat a whole variety of dishes made from healthy , wholesome plants from nature. Not whats made in a lab. You can have all kinds of dishes your imagination can dream up. What about a hoagie with marinated mushrooms in place of meat? Smoothies loaded with fruits and veggies. Salads, desserts, many sweetened naturally with dates. We have chocolate milk occasionally, but non dairy Silk Cashew Milk. I make home made non dairy butter, which I seldom use. My husband is still kind of on the fence with a few things. Veggie wraps, soups, and more. No more deprivation, or starving. Eat when you are hungry and eat till you are full. Once you are off the processed junk foods, etc, your body will no longer crave the crap, and reward you with health and vitality.

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