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Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Have Roots

On February 4, I made a post about trying to root some coleus in the milk jug. Similar to set up for winter sowing, but kept inside in a warm place. I taped the lid down, and set on top of my refridgerator where it got filtered light and warmth from being up close to the ceiling. I have only had to mist these a couple of times. I checked one cutting today, and Hurray, we have roots. All the cuttings look as fresh as the day I took the original pic, so I am sure they are looking just as good, but I wont disturb them yet, figured I would let them get a better root system on them before repotting. This shows how easy, and how QUICK, Coleus is to root. You gotta try it.


  1. Tammy, did you know you can also just stick them in a glass of water and keep them in a bright place (not direct sun) and they will root very quickly? I change the water when it gets dirty.

    You can put several together in the glass.

  2. Yea I did, but I dont usually have much luck with the rooting in water. i would say its because the water doesnt get changed very often. I have some cuttings from my Sweet Potato Vine in there right now that I am trying.But thansk for taking the time to write me that tip.

  3. You know, I have ordered a few plants this year, and if they do well, I'll definitely do that!

  4. Jess, I have done this for some time. If you have the original plant, you have nothing to lose. Just keep trying till you find a method that works for you. Have fun.

  5. Hi Tammy, I just read on another blog, by KeeWee, that she did the same thing. It sounds so easy, we should all do it. I'm going to try to remember this for next year! Happy Valentine's Day! Jan