"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away?"

Author: Unknown

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Walk On The Wild Side

  Today, I had to drop my son off at work, and try to find some way to amuse myself for awhile. As my kids know, thats not too difficult for me. I like to rub that fact in whenever I hear those dreadful words..."Mom I'm bored". Anyway, I decided to go for a walk at a park in the area. The local Veteran's hospital has a fantastic park with well kept walk paths, playground, pool, baseball field, miniature golf, and more. I have lived in the area most of my life but have never been to this park. I guess thats typical because we lived in Maryland for a few years during my grade school years and never visited any museums until after we moved to WV, and then went back to visit my grand parents.

    I felt pretty safe at this park since we live in a pretty safe area. Even so, I still walked down the wooded path along the stream with some initial trepidation. It wasnt long before  the local gang began to show me some interest. At first I hesitated, but continued on. I wasnt aware of any gangs in the area, but it wasnt long before they made themselves known to me. As I trudged along in the 40° weather, there were a few  who came closer, watching me with beady eyes. Stepping out in front of me, blocking my path, and then backing off again. I wasnt sure whether to run or try to be brave and continue on. As they quickly did the same, I soon realized they werent sure of me either. Suddenly a wooly character came in a little too close for comfort. I had been warned before not to trust them. He was blocking my path in front of me so I stopped and waited with baited breath to see what he wanted. He came so close, I began to fear that if I didnt move it would be too late.

He was suddenly at my feet, fear took over, and I made a quick movement which startled him and he quickly backed off. As you can see, I think the character from this little gang of thieves would have run up my leg if I let him.

      I cant wait to bring my grand daughters on a walk here.Then I will have reinforcements. The little 3 and 6 year old types (sometimes holy terrors, sometimes angels) that all moms and grandmothers are familiar with. Squirrels.... "Be Afraid...Be Deathly Afraid!"
                                                                      I will be back.

                                              But with nuts in case they attempt to mug me again.

Now that I realize the kinds of characters that patrol this park, I see why they posted this sign. One never knows
                                                           what happens after dark.


  1. I sure you will feel invigorating and refreshing after breathing in the fresh air and watching the beuty of nature. That's the way to go gal. Take time to admire and appreciate nature. The pair of mandarin ducks in your last picture seems like going out for a couple's rendezvous.

  2. Thanks Autumn Belle. It was a nice walk. And now, thanks to you,I know they are Mandarin Ducks, and male and female as well.

  3. What a brave squirrel or maybe looking for a handout. LOL!
    I like the park closes at dark sign. I had to laugh because I live in a state forest and there are signs up that say "Forest Closes at Dark" How do you close a forest. ;-) I know it really means no loitering after dark but it still hits you as funny to read the signs.

  4. I agree, I think they are all used to being fed,lol. Its funny how simple things like certain signs can suddenly tickle your funny bone.