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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ten Days Of veggie Growth

   We were only gone for 11 days, but I couldnt believe the growth that had happened in the potager in that time. The Half Runner pole beans were HUGE! I last photographed them on June 15 ( we left on the 19th). This is what they looked like:
This is what I came home to on the 30th, just 15 days after the above photo was taken:
The tomatoes were determined they weren't going to be out done:
At most, some were about 3 feet tall. The Early Girl's only had 5-6 small green tomatoes on them. Now 15 days later, they are about 6' tall, and lots of Sungold Cherry tomatoes, and Brandywine have set on:
Now the tomatoes are staked, and everything weeded. I will take an updated pick today of the tomatoes, because they are now within a foot of the top of the 8' stakes that were pounded into the ground about a foot or so (which was as far as my husband could get them in the hard clay soil under the horse manure..



  1. I love those blue tuteurs!!! :D

    And your beans don't look too shabby either ;)

  2. Thanks Kyna,I am crazy about them. I drew up the plans, and hubby built them, adding a few embellishments of his own.I wanted to paint the tomatoe stakes as well, but after all the other, I wasnt quite in the mood,lol

  3. Wow!! The potager looks great. I am most impressed that you have finished the weeding.