"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away?"

Author: Unknown

Sunday, July 11, 2010


          I know most of you probably thought this post would be about flies, or insects since this is mostly my gardening blog. But I had to tell you about Flylady. This is a fantastic free site to help you get your home organized AND clean. I am usually an OK homemaker. Everything was usually clean, sometimes a little messy, but for the past year or so it has really gotten out of hand since my grand daughter is up and running. Not to mention several young "adult" kids who live with me. I tend to think they are worse than the baby about destroying a household. I dont know what happened, it was never this bad when my own kids were little, but here lately my home was looking like a war zone. LITERALLY! I tried this site once before many years ago, with a quick loss of interest. I think at that time I tried to get too much accomplished all at once. Not paying any attention to their main motto....." BABY STEPS" ! This time I have been doing what I could get done comfortably. If it didnt get done, no big deal. last night I didnt get to the evening routine, and things were looking a little rough again. But what really took me by surprise was that I was able to get things back to presentable in a very short time, and had plenty of play time on the computer. If you are feeling overwhelmed with a messy house, need to get into a routine (which has helped me the most)...check out flylady.

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