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Author: Unknown

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July's Flowers

          I finally have some blooms on my new Japanese Morning Glories. They are beauties. i cant wait till they get fuller.
Chocolate Silk 

And Morning Glory Cameo Elegance

Friends visited the other day, and as they were leaving and looking out over my large raised bed, he commented about me having so many Hummingbirds. I also have loads of butterflies too. Thank You Winter Sowing.

Cosmos Rose Bon Bon. I have noticed some of these are more a single form with just slightly extra center petals, and some are what I was expecting with a real full look like this one:

                                                           Heliopsis Summer Sunshine:

                                                                        Seed grown Marigold
                Zinnia Fruit Smoothies. I love the multiple colors of these. I plant to grow them again next year.

Red Gladiola
Scabiosa ,Summer  Berries I love these cute little flowers. These are getting re-sown  again next year too.

And last but not least...California Poppies


  1. I love the red Gladiola. Great pictures.

  2. Hi Tammy. Your morning glories are just so pretty. I love the PomPom cosmos. How beautiful.I am not having very good luck with my cosmos. They are so stunted. Ewww, I love the Berries Scabiosa.

  3. Tammy - you've got such a bounty from your winter sowing. I usually just direct sow, but I've been saving up my gallon size green tea jugs to do some winter sowing for next year.

    I've not seen that scabiosa. It is lovely, but since bunnies eat my blue scabiosa, I can imagine that they'd eat that one, too.

  4. Cameron, I found ws very easy. I worried alot about it at first. But if you just take it a little at a time. it all works out.

    I really like the coloring of this scabiosa. The only problem I am having is a lot of flopping in my flowers this yr. I really need to be more diligent about pruning them back next yr.

  5. Such wonderful blooms! The first Morning Glory is stunning. Your coneflower & butterfly picture is beautiful, how lucky to capture 2 in one picture! Lovely Heliopsis, it's one of my favorites and I have quite a few coming into bloom right now. Great post!