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Author: Unknown

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Storm Damage

    We  live in West Virginia, and were hit by the severe storm on Friday. Thank God, it was only high winds, and not a lot of damage done in our area.  That storm hit like a freight train.  You could hear the winds howling, and all I could think about was people saying tornadoes sound like freight trains. The wind was blowing so hard it was bowing trees almost to the ground. Some wouldnt give though, and snapped in half, like one of our neighbors ornamental trees. We also had hard rains but they soon subsided to a nice soft rain after the winds died down. I understand there were some tornadoes that touched down in areas around us. One about 45 min to our west, and another about 20 min to our west. We spent Friday cleaning up the  broken branches out of our backyard. The neighbors trampoline from 3 houses away was blown just beyond the fence behind the backyard. After losing ours to the trees 2 yrs in a row, it finally made peace with the garbage man.
      We have been out of electric since it hit Friday. Right now i have enough generator power to have a few moments on the laptop. We are trying to be conservative with the gasoline for it, as lines in stations are 30 cars long in some stations. We run the generator to run the fridge and freezer for about an hour then shut it off for awhile. With some running out. We spent an hour in line Saturday for enough gas for the motorcycle so we could go to a restaurant. We have an all electric home, so we are even out of water.
   But i had a bright idea hit me yesterday to fix some of the water problem. We have another water well on the property that hasnt been hooked up to the house. So we went to Tractor Supply today and bought an old fashioned hand pump, so we could at least pump some water as we need it to flush toilets, bath etc. Thats the problem when your all electric. and well water. If there is no electric then the water pump wnt run either.  It works like a charm tho, if you dont mind hauling buckets of water 50 feet to the house  :)

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