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Monday, March 01, 2010

Apple Tree's and Basil

    Remember the apple seeds I posted about below? Well here are my new apple trees just 10 days later. They are about 2 and 1/4" tall, and just getting their first set of true leaves. I think I may have awhile to wait on the apples,lol.

   Last week I went to Walmart for groceries. I spent 15 minutes looking for basil, and still didnt find any. I wasnt too pleased because we use a lot of Basil. I had planned on winter sowing these, but when I got home I went ahead and sowed some inside. They are about 1/2" tall now. I cant wait till I can harvest some.
  OK Walmart, keep it up, and I may end up being self sufficient yet   :)


  1. I have a hard time finding nice, fresh basil as well. I tried growing some the year before last, but I couldn't keep up with the flower pinching LOL.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Last yr I had basil in the garden. I had one that had a wonderful cinnamon scent.

  3. I love to grill a sandwich with basil, tomato and mozzarella cheese, and for that one sandwich I plant basil! (I use it in other recipes, too.) I grow sweet basil and also purple basil, for the color.

  4. Debsgarden, that sounds sooo good. I have made a grilled cheese with American cheese or velveta, then opened it back up when done and place some sliced tomato. Never thought about trying basil.