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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mello Yellow Monday

I decided to add my contribution to Mellow yellow Monday. I also love a bright cheerful yellow. This plant is Lysimachia "Alexander". It is supposed to be variegated, but parts of the plant and reverted back to a solid green. I may cut these parts out this yr.The common name for this is Variegated Yelllow Loosestrife. It belongs to the family and species of Primulaceae punctata.It is a perennial that reaches heights of 18"-24". It is hardy from zone 4-8. It blooms mid summer to late summer/early Fall, and prefers sun to partial shade. It attracts bees and butterflies. I discovered the leaves come up in Spring as red nodules, then finally changes to its green leaves dappled with yellow and white.The variegated cream and green foliage occasionally gets some pinkish highlights. It is easily divided as you do Hosta'



  1. Thank you. I plan to get more pics of the variegation this year.

  2. It is very nice. I too, love yellow flowers! It's my first time joining this meme. =)