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Monday, April 05, 2010

Progress On My Potager

My husband and I worked on this most of Friday. We got all three of the larger 4x8 beds made and leveled in, and the corner posts set for the fence. We are kind of eye leveling things as we go. The lower right side will need to be filled to raise it some, and the back side will need to be lowerd a little. To get it true level would take a dozer. Our backyard has a slight uphill grade, and slopes downward on the right. I talked my husband into putting it in where the trampoline was so it can get pretty much full sun. We are planning 2 foot deep perimeter beds on the inside left, right, and back. He didnt want to put one in the front, because that brought it down closer to the retaining wall. I think I am going to plan a seating area off to the right, in the shade where he wanted to put the potager at first. I plan to document the progression of the garden as we go.

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