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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Planting out the Potager

   Along with the weeding, and bed building, I have also been working on the potager. In one bed I  planted out 30 strawberries, and edged the bed with lettuce, and added mulch. In another bed I planted peas, and filled with a purple Alyssum. I also made a pea trellis out of some wire garden edging that I pulled out from some where else. the only thing is it was just a foot high. My peas are expected to grow 24"-36" high. So I stacked 3 rows, one on top of the other. overlapping slightly and bending the ends over to attach each row to the one below. Then this is stuck into the bed in a zigzag fashion. Similar to the pea fence found on Burpee HERE.
                                                        Pic courtesy of Burpee.
Here is my version, a little more ornamental:

This shows how it is placed in a zigzag. it also folds up accordian style for storage:

Can't wait to see how it looks with the peas vining up it.

   Here is a pic showing where everything is planted so far. Everything that can be planted out before last frost. You can click on any pic for an enlarged version. My husband still has to plow up 2 more of the 4x8 beds, and the rest of the perimeter beds. I cant wait to get the tomatoes in, but they have to wait till closer to April 15, our last frost date. Here is a list of what was planted:
Mr. big Peas
Onion, evergreen bunching
Carrot, Mezza Lunga Nantese_ The Italian Choice
Lettuce, Simpson Elite
Lettuce, Master Chef Improved blend
Alyssum, Royal Carpet
Peppers, California Wonder 300 TMR
  I still gotta get this guy stained and till outside the fence, for planting sunflowers etc.I also plan Heavenly Blue Morning Glories at the gate, and maybe some Japanese Morning Glories growing around the fence, or inside on small towers.


  1. I have a bunch of those black stick-in fences for my vegetable garden too. They are great as a massive tomato cage. I make a square then pull apart another to make panels that I can stick in the middle for extra support. And they look so nice!

  2. I love the fence idea, and cute too!

  3. Thanks Cheryl. I can't stand to throw usable things away.