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Saturday, January 09, 2010


I have had these antique plates for over 30 years. They once belonged to my husband's grandmother.I only have a few pieces, but they are very special to me. I think things with age have a special beauty about them.

Update on the upper plate: After someone commented on this plate looking for some info on one she has, I found out some things. After checking the back of the plate, I found out it was manufactured by The Sebring Pottery Company, in 1948. It is the Chantilly pattern, IT S284. The back also states "Warranted 22 K Gold". Which I assume is the 2" wide gold filigree trim around the edge. I only have the platter, and 6 dinner plates. Here are a few sites that list this pattern:


  1. Tammy,

    I have a set of my grandmother's plates with the same (I think, I'll have to dig them out and check) center picture as your platter in the top photo. I don't know anything about them and hadn't ever seen anything similar. Do you know anything about your platter (mfr, age, etc)?

    Thanks for to your blog through GW - I've enjoyed it and can't wait to see more!

  2. CherryLane, I know nothing about these plates.From the back of the plate it says it was made by The Sebring Pottery Co.in the USA. Then below that is states : Warranted 22 K Gold, Chantilly IT-S284, and C-49, and what looks like a large ornate, number 2. I would love to know if you ever find out any info.

  3. Thanks for all the info! I'll let you know if I learn any more.

  4. Hello Tammy,
    My Name is Ana. I also have the same plate, I also wonder of its value but have not been able to find out. Seems it could be a rare piece perhaps chantilly stopped making them because I was unable to find it within their website. It would be nice to find out it's origin and value for sure.

  5. I too have only one that I found in my mom's kitchen when passed away. Does anyone know if they have any value since they are so old. They are beautiful thou