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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Online Coupon Savings

     Do you order things online very often? Well, if you knew my daughters, you would know that our UPS guy is almost family. The dog still chases him, but she runs after anything that moves. Its nice to save money. We learned a long time ago, that if your planning on placing an order, look for online coupons first. These little codes can save you quite a bit. Sometimes its free shipping, sometimes its for a percentage off, and sometimes for free stuff. Just type in the name of the company and "coupon codes" into your favorite search engine. There will be lots of sites to pop up. Most of the big name companies offer some kind of codes.
    Once you obtain your code, you just  type it into the appropriate box on the site your ordering from.  You may have to try several codes to find one that works. Watch your expiration dates, and sometimes you will often come upon codes that simply don't work. Sometimes you can even get coupons to print off to use in the brick and mortar store. I printed off a coupon that saved 40% at a popular store for tools. We have saved money on gardening supplies, shoes, motorcycle accessories, and more. Its well worth the little effort and time it takes to check it out next time you get an itch to buy something.

See the box on bottom right that says "Apply Coupon"? This type space is what you will look for. When you click here, you will be taken to another box to type in your code which is usually a series of letters and/or numbers. Here is a list of some popular sites to get you started in finding your own codes:
Coupon Mountain    My Coupons     Coupon Cabin    Daily Deals    A to Z Deals


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