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Author: Unknown

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Second Heavy snow of 2010

     After 3-4 days of weather in the 40's to 50's, and rain, we had more snow last night. Four inches to be exact. Everything is covered with a heavy new snow. I love how beautiful it looks in the yard with the untouched snow. Below is a pic of my only statue. I would love to have more one of these days. She has had a rough life. Between being knocked around by kids, dogs, and husband, she has had to have a few things glued back on. I would have had the arm back on her, but couldnt get the darn glue bottle open.

Below is a pic of seed pods on my Rose of Sharon. This one is called Red Heart. These start readily from seed, and grow fairly quickly. I have one that I braided the trunk as it grew, now it has branches with white and red blooms of red heart, and some with all white blooms. I wish I would have had my purple one at the time to add to it.This is a fairly simple task to do. Just plant 3 - 4 young plants together,and scrape the bark where you think they will touch, and braid. Tie them together with some flexible plastic garden ties, and watch. As they grow, keep braiding further up as needed. They trunks will soon grow slightly together to form one.


  1. What a great idea for your Rose of Sharon! This plant grows easily in my area (Alabama), but I have never seen one braided. I think it is a lovely idea. I found your blog through blotanical, and now that I have found you, I look forward to your future posts.

  2. The winter can be hard on sculpture that is not marble. Somehow moisture along with expansion and contraction do bring their bodies into harms way! Your lovely lass does look a bit forlorn. Enjoy your new fresh snow! I never thought of braiding shrubs... clever idea! ;>)

  3. debsgarden, I have seen Hibiscus growing in pots in stores this way. Usually these weretn hardy in my zone, so I thought I would give this a try.Thanks for stopping by.

    Carol, your right about winter being hard on things. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment.

  4. Thanks Lynda. Stop by again soon.