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Author: Unknown

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Rainbow Invitation

Rebecca, from http://prefertobeinthegarden.blogspot.com/ posted a challenge to re-create the colors of the rainbow in your garden photos. I thought is sounded like fun. So below is my contribution. I have to admit, it was even more of a challenge to find something even close to being blue.

Picture top,left is an old red rose I have. Next is another rose is Joseph's Coat, which I no longer have.Then in the next row, left is rose Graham Thomas, and then an old Hosta. Next row is A Monkshood which is a volunteer. Not quite blue tho, but closest I could get. Then for purple is a closeup of a Fuschia.


  1. Beautiful post Tammy! I love Jacob's Coat, I looked into it recently but it isn't hardy for my zone. Thanks so much for participating! :)

  2. A beautiful garden rainbow. :)

  3. Thanks Rebecca and nancybond. That might be what happened to me and this rose. Because I only remember having it one yr.