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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Potager Plans

We are building the 4x8 frames, but still cant figure out placement. My husband thinks it will look odd right in the middle of the backyard,and wants it clear to the right under the trees where it will only get sun from about 2 pm on. We will have to fence it due to deer. He has me talked into a much smaller garden now. This one contains three 4x8 beds with a 2 foot deep perimeter bed. I am placing these pics on here to get some thoughts on the matter. If we place it in full sun , it will be where the trampoline is located with the gated opening facing the back of the house (which is where I am standing when I take these pics). The walkway up to the backdoor, is located far right. As you can tell we are situated on a hill, with the sun coming up behind the trees to the far right. We also have another hill facing our front yard and the sun sets to the far left of the photo in the front. The sun will be coming into the backyard at about a 45° angle when it hits the back yard. If you can click on the pics to make them larger. If you look closely at pics 1 and 4,you can barely make out the possible position of the 4x8 beds. We are going to put a two rail board fence around it. Got any ideas?


  1. I would go for the sunny spot. Veggies need a lot of sun and it will be frustrating to put a lot of work into them and have them not do well because they are not getting enough hours of sun everyday.

  2. Thats what I was afraid of Sheila. I wouldnt want the work to move an established potager.

  3. I agree - go with the sunniest spot!