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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I See Green!

 Some of my winter sown seeds are finally starting to sprout. I looked in all of my 161 containers, and overlooked these a few times before I actually seen them.They are my first winter sown sprouts of the season. They are called Cheiranthus Bedding Mix
" Wallflower".  I received these in a gardenweb trade. They are a hardy biennial, so I figure I wont get bloom until summer of next year.
Zones- 3 thru 7
Sun or partial shade
Soil: Well Drained
Height 18"
Use: Ideal for bedding, edging, patio, containers

  •   You gotta look close to see these guys. They are almost a yellow-green in color. I have never grown nor seen these flowers in person. I am wintersowing a lot of things new to me this year.



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