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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Spring Growth

These Crocus are a lighter purple than the other pics plus they have a dark veining which I think is very pretty.

More winter sown sprouts!
These are the plants I bought a week or so ago. The one to the far left is a Latham Red Raspberry, the other two are Strawberry plants. They are called Sequoia. Fifteen in each box.
This is an unknown plant I am trying to get identified. The growth is about 3-4 inches high so far.

I love the brilliant blue of this tiny little Primrose!

I planted this Garlic this Fall from store bought heads. They are already about 6" tall. I cook with a lot of garlic, so I will be planting more this Fall in the potager I have planned.

If you look closely at the center of this shot, you can see one of my Lupines coming up. i planted these from seed last yr. I am expecting my first blooms from them this year.

These are my pink Bleeding Hearts coming up. I never noticed before how beautiful they are when they first come up. I love the burgundy tints ,too bad it doesn't keep this color.


  1. You have a lot of promising new plants sprouting up! I do love the burgundy of the bleeding hearts. This is a plant I have thought about planting, but I never have because I suspect it will go dormant during the summer here. But they are so charming I may plant some just for the spring foliage and flowers they have.

  2. I love mine. I have two that have been in this bed against the back of the house for many years.

  3. Spring is certainly appearing at your home. Love the blue Primroses. What a great idea the plastic spoons are for plant markers. I will have to remember that one. ;-)

  4. Thanks, several on gardenweb use the plastic knives but my walmart doesnt have them except by the set. works for me.But recently I bought the mini blinds for $3.50, and just cut them up.