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Author: Unknown

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Huge Harvest For August

     I have gotten  two small tomato pickings that got me 11 pints of tomato sauce each. Barely enough to bother canning. Today, a large amount became ready at once. These baskets are (I believe) half bushel each. Today I picked almost two very full baskets of tomatoes. About a bushel. I also picked some onion, and a cucumber and some hot peppers. The hot peppers are Big Thai. This is my first yr with these, and I dont know if they get bigger or not. Probably should have left them awhile longer but I want to make a few jars of salsa too. Oh and my Golden galia melon finally dropped, but I am sick with bronchitis and didnt notice when it dropped, and one side cracked open and had some bugs. the good side is soooo sweet and juicy. Delicious!
The large one is Omar's Lebanese

Do you think it's a BOY?


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