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Friday, August 09, 2013

Wondercide, All Natural Flea Killer

       My son recently purchased another flea killer for his two  maltese babies. When he got these dogs about 4 yrs ago,  he started using the stuff that just goes on the back of the neck. It worked very well then. He could apply once and get protection for most of the season. Then the next time he ordered, it didnt help at all. So he tried a different brand. Still no relief. His dogs were still getting fleas, even with flea shampoos. He has been concerned about using all these chemicals on them. The warning labels will say to be careful not to get it on your hands, and to wash your hand thoroughly after application , etc. Makes you wonder if you have to be so careful with your own safety, how safe is this for your pets.
       So he hit the web again. He happened upon a product called  "Evolv" by Wondercide. Don't confuse this with the "Evolve"  (notice the "e" on the end) a chemical product by Seargents Pet Care . That is NOT what you want. He researched the reviews. It seemed customers had only good things to say about the product. so he ordered.
       The product arrived yesterday. It was well packaged and arrived much sooner than expected.  We were all a little skeptical about how well it would perform. Since it was all natural, we expected it might take a little time for it ti kill the fleas. As even with the strong chemicals, he would it them with strong blasts and they would keep on trucking, doing their best to hide. I think I even saw one flea High Five his buddy, snickering while he ran away. Well......almost,lol.
        Anyway, he picked up the bottle and started spraying. To see how effective it was going to be, he looked for a flea and give it a quick light spray. Lo and behold, that little bugger stopped dead in its tracks. he continued spraying covering the dogs coat and rubbing it through the dog's coat, watching as they died on contact. Unbelievable! The directions say to spray every 2-3 days or as needed to kill and repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It says it kills adults eggs, larvae, and pupae. It is a treatment AND a preventative.
        According to their flyer, Wondercide was formed in 2008 When their dog Luna (10 yrs old)  became deathly ill from pesticide poisoning. She was being treated monthly with flea and tick treatment. She started suffering from seizures and chronic skin issues.to liver and kidney failure. Luna's owner, determined to save her life,started extensive research and Wondercide was born. Today Luna is 14 and healthy.
       Evolv's ingredients are 90% hydrated silica. The active ingredient is said to " block the neurotransmitter octopamine killing and repelling insects instantly". It also states "octopamine is only found in insects, so it is safe for people and pets".
       I dont mean for this to sound like your typical commercials, because I am not receiving any compensation for this. I am doing it simply to share an amazing product.  I feel we are ALL exposed to too many chemicals in our lives. We are seeing dramatic increases in cancers, autism, etc. We have to start taking control of ours, and our loved ones health. The FDA and other chemical pushers are dropping the ball. All in the name of the all mighty dollar. So take a look at their website. Read the reviews. Do your research. I am sure you will be just as happy with their products as we are, and I am sure your pets will love you for it.
         You can check out Evolv and all the other great, safe products by Wondercide by going to:
                 UPDATE:  Great News for Simple Pleasures Readers!!!
Wondercide has generously offered my readers a 10% discount when they order using coupon code:
          Enjoy a start on a healthy new life for your family!


  1. Chemicals are frightening! I won't go on and on about all the little kids with cancer these days.
    Fleas are also a pain in the behind. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

    1. We are exposed to way too many chemicals in our lives. Thanks for stopping by.