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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rose "New Dawn"

  Do you have an area of your yard you want to hinder non wanted visitors Something that will snatch them when they least expect, and maybe draw blood? Something that never knows when to let go? A pitbull?.....No, just rose "New Dawn". Well actually its not quite that bad, but if this bugger gets a hold of you, you wont soon forget it when you have to draw near again. It is loaded with sharp thorns. It is an aggressive,tough climber.The only other draw back is that it only shares its glorious blooms one time a yr. from late May to early june. Never to appear again until next season.
    Mine was rooted by my father and given to me. He found it in the yard of an old home once owned by my sister's, husband's aunt. Then they resided they for a time. Mine has been in its present location in my raised bed for approximately 8 years as far as I can remember. It is growing on a 6 foot tall, round metal trellis, that will soon need to be replaced since it is rusting badly. The branches grow thru the sides and arch out gracefully. I know when my husband has been in the flower bed for some reason, and happens to walk by New Dawn. I think the neighbors 1/2 mile down the street also know it,lol.
    The elegant blooms are a soft, pearly pink. It can easily reach 20 feet if allowed to grow unchecked. It is hardy from zone 5-9.It is shade tolerant, resistant to mildew, blackspot, and rust.It blooms on old wood, so wait till it is finished blooming before you prune.In 1997 this rose was voted the most popular rose in the world. Pretty impressive !

Here the rose is at least 6 foot high, but the branches are at least that long to the sides, and arch out gracefully........awaiting naive passersby,lol

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  1. New Dawn does have the beautifulest blooms. I love the shape of the blooms and wish it would bloom all summer. You are so right about the thorns though. I hate trimming it because it always gets me LOL! Leather gloves up to your chin is needed. Yours looks so pretty Tammy. The rain has been hard on mine this year and the blooms do not last long but fall apart. I delegated mine to the garden shed because of the thorns and because it blooms only once. I am safer with it there. LOL!