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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Around Town

This house is such a beautiful grand Victorian.. I have never been inside, but sure wish I had. I love these older homes.  It is at the bottom of the hill where the courthouse is located. I know an old woman lived there alone for many years. Then  shortly after she past away, a few local lawyers moved in. Seems too grand, and almost an insult to have made it into an office building.

This is the Doddridge County Courthouse. It was built in 1899. it replaced the previous courthouse that was destroyed by fire in 1898.It is listed on the National Register for Historic Places. More here. This pic was taken during the Easter Egg hunt. The clock tower high above plays beautiful organ music at noon everyday.
This is a picture of the old Doddridge County Jail, that was closed several years ago when the new regional jail was built. It is now a county museum.

This used to be the Silas P. Smith Opera House, but is currently the Doddridge County Library.Also on the list of National Historic Places. From 1900-1905 , operas, dramas, musicals, and lectures were held here. Other than frequent paintings the exterior of the building has  remained unchanged since it was completed the spring of 1900.

This building used to house the local bank. Above the door you can see the date 1892. It is now the site of a local florist.
More interesting facts and pictures can be found HERE.

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  1. I was looking at the beautiful flowers on your blog and happened on the "around town" post. How surprised I was when I realized this was the town where I grew up.....many happy memories there. Thanks for an interesting post. By the way, I knew the old lady who lived in the mansion....she was a very good friend of our family. ces2147@verizon.net