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Author: Unknown

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weeding and Building New Beds

I have spent the last couple of weeks doing some major gardening work, and my hands prove it. My 21 yr old daughter was home and helped me weed our 60ft x 8 ft deep raised bed behind a stone retaining wall. She is a perfectionist at this. She didnt stop until she had the section she was working on down to bare dirt, without a sprig of weed left. We still have about 12 feet left to do.
I also have re-done old beds, making them bigger, edging them, and heavily amending with aged horse manure. Then I moved a few plants, and added several more hunks of my winter sown seedlings. I edged the beds with a shovel. takes some time, but not too difficult. These beds had only been crudely and quickly put in before. Actually not even beds, just some things thrown in.


  1. Tammy your beds look wonderful. Your walkway is so pretty with the fence.The stonework on your terrace garden lovely. It is nice to always have garden help. LOL!

  2. Thanks Hocking Hills for the wonderful compliment.