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Author: Unknown

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Flowering Crabapple......NOT!

  Remember those crabapple cuttings I have been so proud of? Well the cuttings are blooming......and they are NOT  crabapple. These have WHITE blooms. I would say I got these mixed up with my Yoshino Cherry cuttings when labeling. Oh well, I can't complain, the cherry is my favorite anyway,lol.
Yoshino Cherry In Full bloom!


  1. Wow, Tammy! Your Yoshino Cherry is amazing! It looks like a bunch of little white fairies resting in tree branches. Gorgeous!

  2. thanks Kimberly.What a beautiful description!

  3. I have had a few surprises in my garden and a few that turned out to be a different color than I expected. Looks like your surprise will be beautiful!